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Data Scientist

São Paulo - SP


Technology and design at QuintoAndar

QuintoAndar is a technology company that enables a seamless rental experience from discovery to closing. Through the intensive use of technology and design, we are redesigning the entire rental process, from one end to the other, to allow the kind of customer experience that we wish for ourselves. As a result, we are creating a new business model that is unique in the whole world and that will revolutionize the real estate industry.

Technology and design are core components of our DNA. Our team works very very hard, with cutting edge technology and design practices, to invent web and mobile tools that are first of their kinds in the whole world.

At QuintoAndar you will:
  • Work with a top-notch team that uses the best practices and best tools.
  • Learn a lot. Really.
  • Be part of a high-impact project that will affect many people's lives.
  • Have autonomy to make decisions with no endless meetings or bikeshedding.
  • Work in an informal environment and horizontal hierarchy.
A Data Scientist at QuintoAndar

As one of our Data Scientists, you'll have the chance to work as a part of our product squads, bringing insightful information to drive our product development and make us each time better. You'll select the tools you'll work with - which language do you like scripting on? It's fine. Would you rather use R, Excel or Google Spreadsheets? You'll probably be able to use all of these. Sometimes you'll have to deal with large datasets; some others, you'll have to perform a lot of calculations with... only recent data.

Be prepared for the job of your life - hard challenges, high expectations, intelligent life at work, meaningful conversations, outstanding productivity.

Here's what we do with Data Science:

better understand the real estate market in each part of each city. We have demand, supply, agents, routes, client's profiles, how tall a building is, how furnished an apartment is... and how do these variables relate? You'll be required to implement machine learning models to understand and optimize customer satisfaction and success in renting.

enhance what to show to a given client. What set of apartments shown to a given client (whose profile we'll find out somehow) maximizes her or his happiness and therefore optimizes conversion.

improve customer service. If one given customer calls us, how should we respond? Can we provide faster service? Is this answer already available and maybe some robot could provide it?

Language and location

We are a Portuguese speaking company. This is written in English because [1] we value diversity and would welcome foreign candidates, and [2] if you are Brazilian you need to be fluent in English in order to learn the most from the whole world.

This position is for our São Paulo office, at Av Paulista, near Metrô Consolação.

  • Design and execute experiments, collect and analyze data to characterize our product
  • Architect, develop and deploy machine learning systems to production
  • Design and implement metrics that align with company goals
  • Analyze a wide variety of data: structured and unstructured, observational and experimental
  • Advise engineering and product teams on sound statistical practices


  • MSc. (or Undergrad + intense experience) in Computer Science, Engineering, Statistics, or other relevant technical field
  • Expert knowledge of probability and statistics, including experimental design, predictive modeling, optimization, and causal inference
  • Familiarity with machine learning concepts: regression and classification, clustering, feature selection, curse of dimensionality, bias-variance tradeoff, neural networks, SVMs, etc.
  • Expert knowledge of a statistical scripting language such as R or Python/pandas
  • Decent knowledge of a mainstream scripting (or shell scripting) language (e.g. Python, sh, Perl, PHP...)
  • Excellent written and verbal technical communication skills


We rock. Working here is cool AND you get the following:

  • Competitive salary package
  • Possibility to access the company's stock options plan based on your performance
  • Health plan and life insurance
  • Meal allowance ("ticket refeição + ticket alimentação")
  • Parking, gas or public transportation allowance
  • Very fun, collaborative, and fast-paced work environment
  • Free beer every Friday.
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